I recently read Kiersten from She is Fierce’s post on her writing process, and I just couldn’t sit around and wait to be tagged in order to start writing. I’m nominating my damn self lol The writing process is always so fickle, especially after university when I was placed into a English minor against my will! I don’t know if other bloggers ever run into this issue, but whenever I write a post that receives an above average amount of views I get really intimidated and typically step away from writing for a while. Let me know if I’m not alone in this. It’s scary thinking that you need to one-up yourself with every post. That being said, I’m hoping that a post like this will help me to remember I do this thing called blogging  and overcome some of these fears (bonus if it helps you out too)

The Rules

+ Let everyone know the fantastic blogger who nominated you, so they can head over there and check out their writing process tour next.

+ Answer the questions about your writing process.

+ Nominate a few other bloggers who’s writing process you’d love to learn more about.


About My Writing Process

What am I working on right now?

Blog – Jeaneva from Wayward & Wild is hosting the October Blog Challenge and I’m finally challenging myself to publish a new post everyday. I’m super nervous about the challenge because having just started a new job I never have enough time to blog anymore. So this is going to require me staying on top and keep my editorial calendar organized.

Personal – Is it weird that even my personal goals are somehow connected to my blog? I created a few goals to accomplish through my blog/online communities during the summer and some of the deadlines are coming up at the end of the month. I’m bussing my ass trying to get all of them accomplished in time.


How does my work differ from others of the genre?

I know quite a few lifestyle bloggers, and I’ve even tried my hand at maintaing a few other personal blogs in the past. Above all what differentiates my blog from other lifestyle bloggers is that I extremely specific in posts that I publish. I’ll often start a post that is liberating for me to get out in writing, but don’t end up publishing because it doesn’t fit the theme for the blog, and I don’t feel that it will add to my readers’ experience.

With every blog post that I publish I aim to help/inspire readers who are in similar situations, rather than just share for the sake of blogging. Many lifestyle blogs that I read are more aspirational than inspiration or even educational. For example, sharing outfit posts, and images from fabulous events that they’ve attended. There’s nothing wrong with that but I aim to always post with substance. If I create a post of my work outfit it will be because a) I want to help my readers find affordable clothing for work b) I aim to inspire readers to be creative and venturesome even with their outfits, even for work c) well it’s okay to just enjoy showing off a good outfit lol


Why do I write what I do?

It’s simple, I need to. My first blog post on this blog was created the day after my university graduation. I was scared, clueless, and excited about my future, all at once. I started documenting not only what I learned but what I dreamed of for my life after graduating. I knew that if I had questions and fears about life after grad, then there must be other people going through the same thing.

What is my writing process?

…If I knew the answer to this I’d probably finally start following it. Inspiration for my blog posts come from all kinds of places – questions I get via email/see on Twitter/current students or friends ask me, something that pisses me off, questions that I myself have, and even blog posts that I read and feel have missed the point – all inspire me to start writing.

I dedicated my weekends to writing at least 2 posts for the upcoming week. I have a cup of tea (or wine), Netflix playing in the background, and my feet up, to dedicate a few hours to pouring my heart out.  That being said my best posts come from random inspiration that cause me to start writing immediately. For this reason I have the Evernote notebook, and apps on my phone and Macbook to jot down any ideas that I get.

If you want to get technical about my writing process, well–

1) I think of the Headline first cause it helps me to direct my focus. The headline can often change while Im in the middle of writing, but those are usually the best posts, the ones that take their own form.

2) I often use Evernote to organize my thoughts when I get random bursts of inspiration on the train, or hear a really good quote that I want to include later

3) Grab Killa Cam the Fifth (my DSLR) and stage some pretty pictures

4) Head over to Canva to create the graphics for the post – header photo, pinterest image, and sometimes a photo collage

5) Start integrating the SEO using the WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack plugins


Bloggers that I’m Tagging

I’m tagging the following bloggers  to tell us about their writing process. They’re all amazing writers and I’m really just being nosey, and want to know how they ended up as dope as they are. I’m tagging:

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