The time between our engagement and our actual wedding date was less than a month. If you want to read our full elopement story you can check it out here (it’s really good, haha).

Kolter and I had absolutely no issues with doing it in a short time span, with a very small amount of people, and absolutely no one’s opinions involved but our own. We did, however have a few issues deciding exactly how much to share.

Growing up in the social media age, oversharing is something that you have to learn t through trail and error. I have plenty of embarrassing Facebook status , taking the prompt ‘what are you doing?’ a little too liberally. Kolter actually went to far as to delete his original Facebook profile that he created when he was 16. If you don’t learn discretion you can eventually learn to regret what you shared online. That, and posting online is an open call for people to view and of course comment on your content; it becomes a two-way conversation.

So when Kolter was ready to put our engagement status live on Facebook, we went back and forth a little bit trying to decide if it was a good choice. Especially since we knew it would be much sooner than later that we would be updating it to ‘married’ with no warning.


We went through with it, and of course we received some pretty ignorant comments. In the long run those commenters were a blessing because we were able to quickly delete those comments (no room for cattiness here) and take those people out of our lives and never have to deal with their ignorance again.

Despite how scary it can be to share our story, I continued to video record the entire process. If not for the internet, at least for myself! This was going to be one of the happiest, most exciting times of my life – and I wanted every second of it to be documented.

Starting with our proposal! My sister asked me why I woke up that morning and started recording. Unbeknownst to me, she was aware that Kolter would be proposing that night and she was testing to see if I knew more than I was putting it. I genuinely wanted to document what I thought would be a lovely Christmas dinner with my boyfriend, who I hadn’t seen in months. That, and I knew that my YouTube subscribers loved him from past videos, so it would be cool to feature him in a blog again. Luckily for me, and my camera, the video turned into this!

The Proposal

After that there was no way that I was going to put my camera down! I didn’t want to miss a single second of my time as an engaged woman.

The next morning the camera kept rolling. It was the morning after the proposal and reality finally starting to set in (so did the stress) – We’re Going to Get Married! Kolter and I had come up with our final decisions on the wedding planning, and as we both know, that meant coming up with a realistic timeline (most people to start discussing this within the first 12 hours of their engagement)

The Morning After The Proposal

As I started rolling out these videos, and posting them onto my YouTube channel (mostly within the same week that they happened) I was incredibly nervous – why would anyone care unless they knew us, and what if people just get bored of our story?!

I knew that I was posting these for a reason though, definitely not to overshare, because there are plenty of moments that ended up on the cutting room floor (far too intimate, only to be shared between Kolter and I).
I wanted to share my wedding diary a) for those who I were unable to share these moments with me but I’m sure would have loved to (both of our friends and extended family) and b) love is a beautiful central theme throughout our engagement experience, and I wanted to share that it is a completely realistic goal to be young, in love, frugal, planning a wedding, on a short time constraint, within a set budget, and all while enjoying yourself!
Isn’t that the theme of this blog, life after graduation can be amazing and on a virtually non-existent budget (cause to have a budget suggests that you have money…most graduates don’t. This graduate included).

The feedback I started to get was incredible, and my subscriber numbers more than tripled!
Up to one of my most recent Wedding Diary videos – The Final Countdown

Leading right up to the morning of the wedding, counting down the final days and finalizing all of the small details.

Final Countdown – Dress Shopping

There are still more videos to come, wrapping up my Wedding Diary series!
If you’d like the videos you’ve watched so far and want to stay up-to-date please subscribe to my YouTube channel

The Crap After the Cap & Gown

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