When I first heard about Usertesting Peek, I immediately felt sick to my stomach. I knew that it was an incredible resource that I needed to use to better my website, but the thought of hearing complete stranger’s critique on something that I’ve worked so hard on, without being able to defend myself – absolutely scared me. Peek – by UserTesting is a “super fast, and totally free” website that allows you to “see and hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your site”. Incredible/terrifying idea right? It was as simple as submitting the DominiqueBennett.com domain, and I received a 5-minute video in my inbox 2 days later. I really appreciated the format in which the video was done, which gave me a 360 review of my site, including:

  1. First impression of the site – aesthetics, purpose
  2. Live view and opinions as they scrolled through the site, and described their experience
  3. An overall opinion on the website – what they liked, what they didn’t like, and if they would return in the future

Peek-Free-Website-Review I’m sure that if you’re a returning visitor to this site you’ve noticed that the homepage has changed quite a bit, mostly based on my Usertesting Peek review. I agreed with 90% of the suggestions made in my review, including

  1. Creating a homepage banner that better introduces the purpose behind DominiqueBennett.com (the woman reviewing the site initially believed that she was on a photography site),
  2. Removing my service percentile breakdown because it gave away too much information about my services
  3. And removing the Oprah blockquote section because it doesn’t provide any purpose on a website that is supposed to be about me… not Oprah. lol

peek--no-bs-review-of-your-website-pinterest I’ll admit that I was biting my lip the entire time, and expected to be annoyed – but I actually felt a bit relieved and more equipped to take my site to the next level after watching it. What really helped the most was hearing how knowledgeable on web design the reviewer sounded. Her advice was solid, and hearing that she would return back to the site in the future kind of solidified that I was on the right track.

 So now the question is, do you have the balls to try Peek out?

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