Learning how to unwind during the weekend and detox from life is more of a crucial skill than people make to out to be. Scroll through your instagram feed and count the amount of “inspirational quotes” encouraging you to ‘push harder’ ‘hustle while everyone else is sleeping’ or prompts to just do more, be more. Go, count them, I’ll wait here for you.

When Kolter and I moved out here to B.C we promised each other that we’d learn to wind down and just enjoy being together. A promise like that should be deeply considered before uttered, especially two fresh graduates, right out of the heart of downtown Toronto, who are used to having atleast two jobs at all times. When we first got here I think I speak for both of us when I say we nearly went insane. No traffic. No street buskers. No skyscrapers… No culture or community as we knew it.


Now that we’re 7 months into this move I think we’ve finally gotten into a groove where we’ve learned to turn off the work mode and just be together.

This is what a restful day looks like to us

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