A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how to answer the inevitable question, what do you do.

Quite a bit has changed since then. I was freelancing in addition to working full-time with a tech startup in Toronto. I really didn’t have a clear goal on what I wanted to accomplish when introducing myself. Flash forward to 2016. I’m living here in Dubai, and though I have a full-time position, I’m interested in expanding my network. Meeting new people can be hard, especially as an introvert. I’m looking to connect with people who also work within my industry so we can bounce ideas and experiences off of each other. I also want to start producing my videos and blog posts focused on Dubai lifestyle, so I want to meet with PR reps, fellow blogger, business owners etc.

I’m led to believe that many millennials are put in a position where we need to freelance, work part-time, offer consulting, intern, telecommute and manage our personal brand (who doesn’t have a blog, Etsy shop, monetize youtube channel, or sell protein powder on Instagram these days?).

As a blogger, side hustler and anyone looking for new opportunity, the way you introduce yourself can open doors for you. Learn how to introduce yourself

I think that’s the point that I missed in my previous post. How do you introduce yourself when you wear multiple hats and have multiple passions?

As mentioned in my previous post, figuring out your personal summary is not only important to finally get your parents to understand you (good luck with that) but also to pitch yourself to potential employers, clients, and future contacts.

Let’s stick with the original formula created by author and life coach, Danielle Laporte.

1. Accentuate your interests

“your interests or so-called hobbies are just as relevant as your income-earning status and how many stamps your passport has”

2. Give Yourself Credit

“Let people see the full scope of what you’re doing. You can be modest and powerful. Factual and engaging.”

3. Feelings Over Facts

“We’re prone to put people in categories according to their jobs: winner, loser, somewhat intriguing, or totally unrelatable,” introducing emotion into your conversation makes people feel closer to you and relate better.


Elements of a Good Elevator Pitch

You should be able to sell yourself in 30 seconds or less

Avoid using industry jargon and coming across salesy

Have a clear goal and call to action

Focus on what problems you solve rather than what you do

Cater your introduction to the person that you’re speaking to and what they can do for you

Side Hustle: Introducing Myself as a Blogger

I’m the content marketing manager for some of Dubai’s top online brands. As fun as it is to work with ’the big guys’, my passion is truly ignited when I work with recent graduates. I use my lifestyle blog and youtube channel to create online communities of ambitious millennials sharing career, relationship, and budget friendly advice. I am to illustrate, through my personal experiences, that the lines between personal and professional branding are becoming increasingly blurred through the digital generation, therefore focusing on mental health, having fun and living out your passions results in a 360 improvement as those lines continue to blur. Moving forward I’d like to work with more lifestyle brands to share ideas on how to live a full and passionate life, empowering my viewers to do the same.



Professional: Introducing Myself to New Clients at work

I’m the Head of Content Marketing, managing a variety of online brands from a luxury french perfume house to a local organic dessert brand- helping them to establish their digital presence. So what does all of that actually mean? I have the incredible opportunity to educate people on how to get their products and services in front of audiences. I go beyond 140 characters and getting Kim Kardashian to regram your photo, creating cross-platforms stories that turn audiences in engagers.

Are you a side hustler? Let me know what your hustle is, and introduce yourself below


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