Remember the days when your instagram images were able to show up on your Twitter feed? Well since Facebook invested in the company a while ago, it seems that Twitter got bitter and banished instgram pics form timelines. Despite how lovely you framed your selfie , your twitter followers may never end up seeing it because people are less likely to click on instagram links leading to the external site.   It’s easier to hit – “expand” on the preview of an image you’ve posted on their timelines, rather thank click on an instagram link… and wait for it to load… be disappointed by your 100th cat picture that morning, and then have to reload twitter again.  I’m going to give you a quick and easy hack on how to connect twitter and instagram right into your timeline

Here’s how you can take your timeline from this:

Instagram links on twitter

to this

twtitter timeline images   It’s a quick an easy, free hack that will make your timeline that much sexier and engage your followers to actually check out your images and see what you’re sharing even if they don’t have instagram.

1. Logon to completely free


2. Go to Create a Recipe

create IFTTT recipe

3. Click on ‘THIS’ and choose instagram

if this

3. Choose: “A new photo by you”

instagram trigger

 you can also add recipes to embed videos directly into your timelines, photos that you like, a new video that you’re tagged in etc..)

4. Create Trigger

5. Close ‘THAT’ and choose twitter

IFTT instagram recipe

6. Choose “post a tweet”


Just keep in mind that from now on a) you don’t need to select twitter when adding a new image to instagram, it will automatically be shared on your twitter b) be a bit more mindful of what you share on instagram because it is going to be automatically tweeted

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