I finished my media kit for the blog back in September and I’m only getting around to sharing it now because truth be told I spent too many ours looking at it, and I didn’t want to spend any more time looking at it lol
Regardless of all of that, it’s finally finished! … for now. I’ll probably be updating it very soon once I have some new headshots.

If you’re like me and still starting out in the blogging industry, having a media kit is a great way to network at conferences (you know, in addition to traditional business cards), reach out to PR companies if you’d like to join their mailing lists and attend more events or collaborate with their brands, and it’s great for reaching out to larger bloggers who you’d like to write for. Overall media kits are a quick summary of why someone should collaborate with you.

Interested in creating and utilizing your media kit in a way that impresses brands? Check out my latest update to this post –

What Working with Brands Has Taught Me About Media Kits


How Did I Create my Media Kit?

At first, I attempted to make it from scratch in photoshop, but that ended becoming a HOT. MESS.
I then turned to Canva (FREE! online software) and again attempted to start from scratch with a blank document… and yet again made a hot mess.
One of the main pieces of advice I can give you when creating a media kit is to 1) have all of your information ready before starting to design and 2) keep your design as simple as possible.
In the end, I used a few different Canva document templates and customized it as needed for my information


What Do I Include in My Blog Media Kit?

I did QUITE a bit of research before deciding on which information to include and exclude. Pinterest is great for finding examples of other blog media kits, and advice on the right information to include. Check out my ‘Better Blogging‘ Pinterest board for some more inspiration.
My blog is fairly new, just under a year old and my blog views aren’t exactly where I want them to be just yet. So when choosing what statistics to include I decided to focus on what sets me apart – I’m a digital brand strategist so naturally, my social media marketing would be my biggest selling point.

1.Name of the Blog + Url

This is especially important to include if the name and the URL of your blog are different, like in my case. The name of the blog is The Crap After the Cap & Gown, while the URL is DominiqueBennett.com/Blog

2. Blog Summary

This section should summarize both your ‘about me‘ page and your blog mission statement. Before you start writing try to answer the following questions- What topics are discussed on this blog? Why does this blog need to exist? What sets this blog apart from others?

3. Statistics

Most media kits that I’ve seen have included the basic stats that you would find in Google Analytics (daily page views, monthly average visitors, sometimes even the bounce rate)
If you’re like me and don’t want to include that information just yet, include some of your highlight numbers; this might include a particular blog post that did exceedingly well, how quickly your gaining new subscribers on BlogLovin, the amount of traffic you get from your YouTube channel, or your social media influence.
The very basics should include the page views/users/subscribers/or followers and your reader demographics. I managed to pull this information from both WordPress statistics and Google Analytics.

4. Past Collaborations

If you’re looking to work with brands or become a contributing writer on larger blogs it’s a good idea to include examples of collaborations you’ve done in the past. I’m looking to work with more Canadian brands moving forward so I included the logos of some of the Canadian brands I’ve been sponsored by or partnered with in the past.

5. Example Blog Posts

I didn’t include this in the media kit for my blog, but many others include a thumbnail with the titles of their favourite blog posts as an example.

6. Contact Information

There’s really no point in creating a media kit if the brands/individuals you’re trying to get in touch with can’t even find you, or more importantly, search yours on their own! Include your email address and social media links so that they can investigate you for themselves (don’t act like you’ve never google stalked someone).


I created a second, more succinct version to share digitally. I plan to use the larger 3-page media kit above through print, and handing it out in person, or even snail mail (now that’s a way to get noticed these days). The shorter version has the same information, and I export it in a smaller size so that I don’t give the receiver a headache when they’re downloading it.


In the end, your media kit for blog should reflect you and your personality! I, of course, kept my blog colours (magenta, black and white) and the fonts used on the blog so that it’s cohesive with the actual site. Try to sound as natural as possible and reflect the same personality and voice that you use on your blog.

Leave me a link below so that I can check out your media kits!

11 comments on “Creating a Media Kit for Your Blog”

  1. I love this! I’ve been meaning to make a media kit for awhile now but didn’t know where to start. I’ve been worried by blog stats are too small to make something like this but your stats aren’t far off from mine! I didn’t even think about leaving some stat out until they grow a bit.

    Any suggestions for someone who hasn’t really worked with brands yet (no collabs)? I’m part of a couple networks but have 0 experience what would count as “working with” a brand.

    I love you blog btw, Pinterested helped me find it 🙂

    • SO GLAD this helped you out!! Never wait til your blog is ‘ready’ to start taking the steps. In terms of collabs, if you’ve ever written guest posts for other blogs, or had your writing published anywhere else definitely include that. If not, maybe replace the “worked with” category with ‘Collaboration Opportunities” outlining how you’d like to partner with potential sponsors, for example in mine I mentioned that I’m looking for freelance writing, giveaways, product reviews etc

      Thank you so much for reading AND commenting!

  2. I need to put together a media kit at some point!!
    Well after writing a better about me and mission statement…I’m not that good about writing about myself and why one should read my blog!!

    Thank you for the tips! Found the post via Pinterest and of course I’m going to re-pin it!!

  3. Great post on media kits. I’m just starting out with my blog and creating a media kit would be awesome. That’s for the tips and example.

  4. Thank you for this post! It’s very informational, and I can’t wait to make a media kit also. I can see now I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. 🙂

  5. Loved your approach here. My blog is only 4 months old, so my numbers are not where I want them, but they are decent. My question is, is the media kit printed, presented in a flash drive or part of your blog site?

    • Hi Norma! I save my media kit as a pdf and typically send via email to PR companies and brand managers. I do know of a few bloggers who publish it as a hidden landing page on their site and send the link to contacts

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