What are the holidays without strong Christmas cocktails?
The kind that numbs the pain of your baby cousin’s crying, makes your aunty’s intrusive questions that much easier to clap back at, and helps you to make it to dessert without cussing out anybody!

This year (just like last year) Kolter and I are celebrating the Christmas season as a twosome. We couldn’t make it out to Toronto to celebrate without families this year, but we’ve managed to have our own fun and even start what could be our newest Christmas tradition of filming videos for Vlogmas.

When I asked Kolter if he’d be willing to star in his own Vlogmas video showing off a recipe for Christmas Cocktails, I did not expect him to take the videos to this level. One fake mustache, vodka spill, and 3 recipes later, I’m excited to introduce Christmas Cocktails with Kolter!


Christmas Cocktails that My Husband Prescribes

Chocolate Russian

This drink will activate your inner child. Reminiscent of hot chocolates from Christmases past, with a coffee liqueur twist


Hot Toddy

This one is perfect for celebrating a White Christmas. It will keep your belly warm once you mix these spirits right

Festive Vodka…

This is perfect for when those cousins arrive at the party, and your mom starts airing out all your business to your aunties and uncles, and your sister shows up in the dress you’ve been looking for -for weeks now, and your nephew just broke the brand new hoverboard you just bought him and you received your 600th generic group text stating “merry xmas!!!! xoxoxo”

All jokes aside, I hope you’re having an amazing holiday season, surrounded by love, laughter, and liquor!


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