I didn’t even realize VLOGMAS existed until last year (I know, what kind of millennial am I?) While researching some of the top international Youtubers I found some information on Zella. If you’ve never heard of this young lady, which is pretty unlikely, she is one of the top vloggers in the world. In my mind, I closely associate the term VLOGMAS with Zoella – since she manages to produce both a 24 days of Zoella series and VLOGMAS series, every single day leading up to Christmas.


Pinterest Made Me Do It: Clay Jewelry Dish DIY


It has been a while since my last Pinterest Made Me Do It! I have to admit that I with all the hours that I spend on Pinterest I typically plan my DIYs for the plan ahead of time, but this particular one happened out of necessity.

I’m recently married (2 months and 3 days baby! Woo!) and still very much getting used to not only having a rock on my hand, but remembering to put it back on. I can’t tell you how many time people have come up to me asking to see the ring, only to realize that I left it on the shelf in the bathroom, or beside the kitchen sink. (more…)

VIDEO: My Wedding Diary Series


The time between our engagement and our actual wedding date was less than a month. If you want to read our full elopement story you can check it out here (it’s really good, haha).

Kolter and I had absolutely no issues with doing it in a short time span, with a very small amount of people, and absolutely no one’s opinions involved but our own. We did, however have a few issues deciding exactly how much to share. (more…)

VIDEO: How I Have a Productive Morning


I have never been a morning person.

In my daily struggle to get myself out of bed every morning, I’ve come up with a pretty good system for a productive morning ritual. The mindset that you begin your day with is very important is shaping the rest of your day, so I’ve learned how to stop groaning while I get out of bed. (more…)

VIDEO: DIY Flaxseed Gel and Styling Tutorial


I’ve been making my own flaxseed gel for a few months now and absolutely love what it does for my hair, but above all what it does for my wallet!

You know all of those times I’ve told you that I was cheap… well, I take it back! I’m sensibly frugal! You need to be, especially when you make the big decision to return to your natural hair texture. Many people have the misconception that going natural will be easier on their wallets because you won’t be paying for monthly relaxers, weave installations, and all of the products needed to maintain your sleek texture. Nope, just the opposite. (more…)

VIDEO: My Day In a Minute


Learning how to unwind during the weekend and detox from life is more of a crucial skill than people make to out to be. Scroll through your instagram feed and count the amount of “inspirational quotes” encouraging you to ‘push harder’ ‘hustle while everyone else is sleeping’ or prompts to just do more, be more. Go, count them, I’ll wait here for you. (more…)