Across the country to across the ocean, documenting my travels

2014 Reverse Bucket List


After having graduated in 2013 and realizing just how far away from the life I had imagined I’d have after graduating – I promised myself to never feel comfortable. What a weird ass thing to promise, I know.
Let me give you some background. At the end of 2013 I met up with my mentor Sid Naidu. I told him that I’d be moving across the country to live with Kolter in BC and he could tell that I was less than enthused about the idea, cause I really had no clue what this move would mean for my career. He told me that the move was going to be what I made of it, and that my life would begin at the end of my comfort zone.

Hence, my promise to leave my comfort zone, and never feel comfortable (maybe not never. But, at least for my 20s!) (more…)

Lessons Learned in Dawson Creek, BC


So as many of you already know, my partner Kolter and I moved across the country together after graduation. Nearing the end of 2013 I had finally just found a job within my field… unfortunately it was as an intern, and bill collectors were getting tired of my excuses. Kolter was working as an account executive at a marketing company… don’t you hate it when your job title sounds so much more glamorous than it actually is!

We were both miserable. I loved my work but I didn’t love the money (or lack thereof).

Out of nowhere Kolter came home and announced that he was applying to be a morning radio host for a small town in British Columbia. Just like that. (more…)