As a newlywed in an interracial relationship (you’d be surprised by the fact that people still think this matters) I discuss the ups and downs of relationships

VIDEO: My Wedding Diary Series


The time between our engagement and our actual wedding date was less than a month. If you want to read our full elopement story you can check it out here (it’s really good, haha).

Kolter and I had absolutely no issues with doing it in a short time span, with a very small amount of people, and absolutely no one’s opinions involved but our own. We did, however have a few issues deciding exactly how much to share. (more…)

Photo book Ideas: A Gift For Both of Us


This project has been a long time in the making. Even before Kolter and I started dating I’ve always had either my DSLR or my iPhone in his face wanting to document every single second together – he has learned to shut up and put up with this.
I found out about Shutterfly picture books in the most glamorous way possible, by winning a coupon with our KFC family pack dinner. We’re an extremely high maintenance couple as I’m sure you’ve gathered.

I saw a blog post made by Jenny Collier for Everyday Cheer where she shared her annual Family Year Book. I thought it was the cutest tradition, and decided to try it out for Kolter and I. Since I’m about 4 years too late to start chronicling every year, I decided that our first book will be a summary of our school years, since we met back in the first semester of university…  (more…)

Lessons Learned in Dawson Creek, BC


So as many of you already know, my partner Kolter and I moved across the country together after graduation. Nearing the end of 2013 I had finally just found a job within my field… unfortunately it was as an intern, and bill collectors were getting tired of my excuses. Kolter was working as an account executive at a marketing company… don’t you hate it when your job title sounds so much more glamorous than it actually is!

We were both miserable. I loved my work but I didn’t love the money (or lack thereof).

Out of nowhere Kolter came home and announced that he was applying to be a morning radio host for a small town in British Columbia. Just like that. (more…)

VIDEO: My Day In a Minute


Learning how to unwind during the weekend and detox from life is more of a crucial skill than people make to out to be. Scroll through your instagram feed and count the amount of “inspirational quotes” encouraging you to ‘push harder’ ‘hustle while everyone else is sleeping’ or prompts to just do more, be more. Go, count them, I’ll wait here for you. (more…)