Our Wedding Story

Pinterest Made Me Do It: Clay Jewelry Dish DIY


It has been a while since my last Pinterest Made Me Do It! I have to admit that I with all the hours that I spend on Pinterest I typically plan my DIYs for the plan ahead of time, but this particular one happened out of necessity.

I’m recently married (2 months and 3 days baby! Woo!) and still very much getting used to not only having a rock on my hand, but remembering to put it back on. I can’t tell you how many time people have come up to me asking to see the ring, only to realize that I left it on the shelf in the bathroom, or beside the kitchen sink. (more…)

VIDEO: My Wedding Diary Series


The time between our engagement and our actual wedding date was less than a month. If you want to read our full elopement story you can check it out here (it’s really good, haha).

Kolter and I had absolutely no issues with doing it in a short time span, with a very small amount of people, and absolutely no one’s opinions involved but our own. We did, however have a few issues deciding exactly how much to share. (more…)