Natural Hair and Beauty

Developing a love and routine for my natural hair in it’s curly state

VIDEO: DIY Flaxseed Gel and Styling Tutorial


I’ve been making my own flaxseed gel for a few months now and absolutely love what it does for my hair, but above all what it does for my wallet!

You know all of those times I’ve told you that I was cheap… well, I take it back! I’m sensibly frugal! You need to be, especially when you make the big decision to return to your natural hair texture. Many people have the misconception that going natural will be easier on their wallets because you won’t be paying for monthly relaxers, weave installations, and all of the products needed to maintain your sleek texture. Nope, just the opposite. (more…)

Messy Girl’s Gradient Nail Art Tutorial


I’m a huge believer in ‘fake it ’til you make it’, and despite having some of the shakiest hands, I’ve been able to pull off some pretty dope looking nail art. If you’ve ever actually seen me in the process of doing my nails, you’d probably be disgusted by me and wonder why the hell I was trying to decorate my knuckles and elbows rather than my nails. (more…)