As a recent graduate in a management position, I document my career milestones, setbacks and aspirations

Career Lessons from Gabrielle Union’s Book

Career-Lessons-from-Gabrielle-Unions-BookI’ve been a fan of Gabrielle Union’s career for years. Reading about her experiences navigating through Hollywood in her book We’re Going to Need More Wine she touched on topics including being ‘othered’ as a Black woman overwhelmingly white spaces from school, to work, to even social life.

One quote, in particular, stood out to me the most (more…)

Can We Kill these Agency Buzzwords?


Business and agency Buzzwords have been around for generations. While my parents’ generation may have said things like “ABC, Always. Be. Closing.” or encourage you to focus on “sales and demand”, my millennials colleagues now focus on making content “mobile responsive” and to consider “transmedia second screen” experiences, and to reach for the “low hanging fruit”. (more…)

Introduce Yourself as a Blogger & Side Hustler


A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how to answer the inevitable question, what do you do.

Quite a bit has changed since then. I was freelancing in addition to working full-time with a tech startup in Toronto. I really didn’t have a clear goal on what I wanted to accomplish when introducing myself. Flash forward to 2016. I’m living here in Dubai, and though I have a full-time position, I’m interested in expanding my network. (more…)

New Year Career Resolutions As Learned from Men


Before we start off, just a quick question, how many new year resolution posts have you read at this point of the year? So far my number is at 6, which is pretty low compared to the 20 I read at the beginning of 2015. I’m learning to become more selective with the advice I take, and whom I take it from. (more…)

Creating Your Online Portfolio For Free

The end of the year is nigh! All the ‘2015 is my year’ tweets and Facebook statuses are coming (oh joy!)
But it is also an incredible time to reflect and create an action plan on how do better next year. If starting to freelance, finding a new job, or just putting yourself out there and learning how to brag little bit- are on your to-do list, you will benefit from creating an online portfolio.
When you apply for a job or try to build your clientele, a resume just isn’t enough. Nobody wants to read your description of how great your work is, they want to see it and judge if for themselves. Hence, the importance of an online portfolio.


Holiday Gift Guide: Recent Grads

My first Holiday celebration after graduation was incredibly awkward for me. There wasn’t any transitioning time- attempting to wind down from final exams, I still didn’t have the budget I wanted to show gratitude to my friends and family, and I no longer had the 2-3 weeks of vacation time I was used to. Have you ever realized just how much school spoils us?
The holidays can be a rough time for any recent grad, so to help you out I created a gift guide perfect for showing support for the recent graduate in your life. Better yet, if you’re a recent grad and planning for the new year, here are a few gifts to add to your wish-list in order to ensure a productive 2015.

Here’s my Holiday Gift Guide for the Recent Grad

christmas-gift-ideas-for-recent-graduates (more…)

Career Crush: Sheryl Sandberg


I think it’s important that young women have various girl crushes – someone who can evoke strong positive feelings just from the sight of them, and inspires you to push even harder for what you want.

My Style CrushesMmi G Style and KT Reed from KTR Style they’re both business women who design and create their own clothing

My Hair Crush: Alyssa from ForeverFlawlyss (although I’ve finally comes to terms with that fact that my hair will never look like her bi-racial curls lol!)

My Blogger Crush: Regina from who always comes up with the most amazing, why-the-hell-didn’t-I-think-of-that types of articles and printables for creativepreneurs and bloggers

But, the woman who can consistently cause me to start ‘fan-girling’ whenever I speak about her, or women in the workplace, or business development, or technology for that matter, is my Career Crush: (more…)

My 5 Favourite Career Quotes


Do you ever wake up just dreading the day ahead, or sit at your desk thinking about all of the things you’d rather be doing? (If my boss is reading this, then, neither do!)
Regardless of how much you love the work you do, there always come a time when you have to do the less fun stuff, from paperwork to uncomfortable but necessary confrontations, sometimes business (regardless of your passion) has to be just that, business.

Here are my 5 favourite career quotes for when I need to find inspiration in my work (more…)