I’ve been blogging for years and finally as the head of inbound marketing at my agency I’ve made blogging my full time gig. Learn some of the tricks of the trade!

Free Stock Photo Sites: Black Girl Edition


It’s hard enough finding Free Stock Photo Sites that

1) don’t have the same 3 models being used over and over again
2) aren’t posed in these obnoxious, unrealistic scenarios … I for one have never thrown open my drapes while wearing a robe, tilting my head back while smiling at the morning sun. It’s just odd behaviour.
3) Include models that look like me in everyday scenarios. Meaning, Black women in the corporate world. Black women with natural hair enjoying a glass of wine. Black families at church. Black women getting their weaves sewn in. Black people doing regular human things. (more…)

What Working With Brands Taught Me About Media Kits


A couple of years ago I made a blog post about Creating a Media Kit for Your Blog. This has become one of my best-performing blog posts to date, being repinned thousands of times a week, even to this day.
Since that time I have been working within a digital agency, heading influencer campaigns and seeing what is expected of bloggers and online content creators from the perspective of brands. Doing so has shown me that I absolutely HATE my previous media kit! Yes, it includes all of the necessary information, but the approach is all wrong.


Introduce Yourself as a Blogger & Side Hustler


A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how to answer the inevitable question, what do you do.

Quite a bit has changed since then. I was freelancing in addition to working full-time with a tech startup in Toronto. I really didn’t have a clear goal on what I wanted to accomplish when introducing myself. Flash forward to 2016. I’m living here in Dubai, and though I have a full-time position, I’m interested in expanding my network. (more…)

What’s In My Blog Binder?

I’ve tried so many different methods for keeping my blog organized, from jotting down ideas in a specific notebook reserved only for blogging ideas, writing my post schedule in my daily planner with the rest of my responsibilities, using Evernote, even different editorial calendar plugins. As much as I love and adore Evernote for keeping all of my ideas and notes organized, when it comes to the organization of my blog, nothing compares to having a designated Blog Binder. (more…)

100th Post: Lessons from 1 Year of Blogging

I launched the blog on January 3, 2014
I did so with the intent of documenting my journey after graduating from a university program that I had been warned would soon be out of business. Do you still watch cable television as much as you watch Netflix or stream online? – I rest my case.

A year later, I have a job within a completely new field that didn’t exist when I first started school. I’m recently married (as recently as 4 days ago), and I’m considering a job offer overseas. I don’t say any of this to brag, because I truly didn’t think that this is where I’d end up a year ago. (more…)

Creating a Media Kit for Your Blog


I finished my media kit for the blog back in September and I’m only getting around to sharing it now because truth be told I spent too many ours looking at it, and I didn’t want to spend any more time looking at it lol
Regardless of all of that, it’s finally finished! … for now. I’ll probably be updating it very soon once I have some new headshots.

If you’re like me and still starting out in the blogging industry, having a media kit is a great way to network at conferences (you know, in addition to traditional business cards), reach out to PR companies if you’d like to join their mailing lists and attend more events or collaborate with their brands, and it’s great for reaching out to larger bloggers who you’d like to write for. Overall media kits are a quick summary of why someone should collaborate with you. (more…)

My Writing Process


I recently read Kiersten from She is Fierce’s post on her writing process, and I just couldn’t sit around and wait to be tagged in order to start writing. I’m nominating my damn self lol The writing process is always so fickle, especially after university when I was placed into a English minor against my will! I don’t know if other bloggers ever run into this issue, but whenever I write a post that receives an above average amount of views I get really intimidated and typically step away from writing for a while. Let me know if I’m not alone in this. It’s scary thinking that you need to one-up yourself with every post. That being said, I’m hoping that a post like this will help me to remember I do this thing called blogging  and overcome some of these fears (bonus if it helps you out too) (more…)