Career Lessons from Gabrielle Union’s Book

Career-Lessons-from-Gabrielle-Unions-BookI’ve been a fan of Gabrielle Union’s career for years. Reading about her experiences navigating through Hollywood in her book We’re Going to Need More Wine she touched on topics including being ‘othered’ as a Black woman overwhelmingly white spaces from school, to work, to even social life.

One quote, in particular, stood out to me the most (more…)

Free Stock Photo Sites: Black Girl Edition


It’s hard enough finding Free Stock Photo Sites that

1) don’t have the same 3 models being used over and over again
2) aren’t posed in these obnoxious, unrealistic scenarios … I for one have never thrown open my drapes while wearing a robe, tilting my head back while smiling at the morning sun. It’s just odd behaviour.
3) Include models that look like me in everyday scenarios. Meaning, Black women in the corporate world. Black women with natural hair enjoying a glass of wine. Black families at church. Black women getting their weaves sewn in. Black people doing regular human things. (more…)

Can We Kill these Agency Buzzwords?


Business and agency Buzzwords have been around for generations. While my parents’ generation may have said things like “ABC, Always. Be. Closing.” or encourage you to focus on “sales and demand”, my millennials colleagues now focus on making content “mobile responsive” and to consider “transmedia second screen” experiences, and to reach for the “low hanging fruit”. (more…)


I didn’t even realize VLOGMAS existed until last year (I know, what kind of millennial am I?) While researching some of the top international Youtubers I found some information on Zella. If you’ve never heard of this young lady, which is pretty unlikely, she is one of the top vloggers in the world. In my mind, I closely associate the term VLOGMAS with Zoella – since she manages to produce both a 24 days of Zoella series and VLOGMAS series, every single day leading up to Christmas.