Can We Kill these Agency Buzzwords?


Business and agency Buzzwords have been around for generations. While my parents’ generation may have said things like “ABC, Always. Be. Closing.” or encourage you to focus on “sales and demand”, my millennials colleagues now focus on making content “mobile responsive” and to consider “transmedia second screen” experiences, and to reach for the “low hanging fruit”. (more…)


I didn’t even realize VLOGMAS existed until last year (I know, what kind of millennial am I?) While researching some of the top international Youtubers I found some information on Zella. If you’ve never heard of this young lady, which is pretty unlikely, she is one of the top vloggers in the world. In my mind, I closely associate the term VLOGMAS with Zoella – since she manages to produce both a 24 days of Zoella series and VLOGMAS series, every single day leading up to Christmas.


What Working With Brands Taught Me About Media Kits


A couple of years ago I made a blog post about Creating a Media Kit for Your Blog. This has become one of my best-performing blog posts to date, being repinned thousands of times a week, even to this day.
Since that time I have been working within a digital agency, heading influencer campaigns and seeing what is expected of bloggers and online content creators from the perspective of brands. Doing so has shown me that I absolutely HATE my previous media kit! Yes, it includes all of the necessary information, but the approach is all wrong.


Introduce Yourself as a Blogger & Side Hustler


A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how to answer the inevitable question, what do you do.

Quite a bit has changed since then. I was freelancing in addition to working full-time with a tech startup in Toronto. I really didn’t have a clear goal on what I wanted to accomplish when introducing myself. Flash forward to 2016. I’m living here in Dubai, and though I have a full-time position, I’m interested in expanding my network. (more…)

New Year Career Resolutions As Learned from Men


Before we start off, just a quick question, how many new year resolution posts have you read at this point of the year? So far my number is at 6, which is pretty low compared to the 20 I read at the beginning of 2015. I’m learning to become more selective with the advice I take, and whom I take it from. (more…)