About-Dominique-Bennett-BouchardI’m an award-winning transmedia storyteller; currently residing in Dubai, UAE with my husband, though my heart will always be back home in the 6ix. Let’s be clear off the top – yes I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, no, I do not know Drake.

Receiving my BA in Radio and Television Arts, I learned how to fuse my love for both broadcast media and digital marketing; creating a career for myself as Head of Content Marketing, here in the world’s fastest growing city. I work with a variety of brands from a luxury french perfume house, to a local organic dessert market- helping them to establish their digital presence.

So what does all of that actually mean? I have the incredible opportunity to educate people on how to get their products and services in front of audiences. I go beyond 140 characters and getting Kim Kardashian to regram your photo (although that would REALLY help).
When I’m not face deep in my Macbook, I’m getting some cardio in … because if all else fails, Instagram fame pays well, right? I have a pretty cool youtube channel about my daily life with my husband. And finally, every once in a while I put my Pinterest addiction to good use, attempting to recreate the DIYs.

About My Blog

Formerly known as The Crap After the Cap & Gown, I started my blog as a space to share ideas and inspiration as a recent graduate. It has since evolved into a platform to share lessons learned, concerning lifestyle and my career, in hopes of sparking conversation with you.

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