When it comes to digital marketing, I have a world of experience – literally.

I’ve worked in all facets of digital marketing including online storytelling, video blogs, social media, web design, email marketing, SEO and content creation – to name a few. Although much of this has been in my native city Toronto, I’ve also traveled 7,000 miles away to set up and run the Digital Marketing Department at an agency in Dubai.

I view my career so far as being an incredible opportunity to not only educate but collaborate with people in getting their products and services in front of audiences.

Receiving my BA in Radio and Television Arts, I learned how to fuse my love for both broadcast media and digital marketing; creating a career for myself as Head of Content Marketing, in the world’s fastest-growing city and here at home in Toronto.

So what does all of that actually mean? I have the incredible opportunity to educate people on how to get their products and services in front of audiences. I go beyond 140 characters and getting Kim Kardashian to regram your photo (although that would REALLY help).
When I’m not face deep in my Macbook, I’m getting some cardio in … because if all else fails, Instagram fame pays well, right? I have a pretty cool youtube channel about my daily life with my husband. And finally, every once in a while I put my Pinterest addiction to good use, attempting to recreate the DIYs.

About My Blog

Formerly known as The Crap After the Cap & Gown, I started my blog as a space to share ideas and inspiration as a recent graduate. It has since evolved into a platform to share lessons learned, concerning lifestyle and my career, in hopes of sparking conversation with you.

Check Out My Favourite Posts:

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