After having graduated in 2013 and realizing just how far away from the life I had imagined I’d have after graduating – I promised myself to never feel comfortable. What a weird ass thing to promise, I know.
Let me give you some background. At the end of 2013 I met up with my mentor Sid Naidu. I told him that I’d be moving across the country to live with Kolter in BC and he could tell that I was less than enthused about the idea, cause I really had no clue what this move would mean for my career. He told me that the move was going to be what I made of it, and that my life would begin at the end of my comfort zone.

Hence, my promise to leave my comfort zone, and never feel comfortable (maybe not never. But, at least for my 20s!)
I also spoke with my other mentor/Fairy god-Mother Jen Gonzales who told me that she was absolutely not worried about me. This helped me to realize that it was about damn time I regained faith in myself!

The post-grad grind to find a job, and constantly begging someone to believe in you every single time that you submit a resume, can realllly take a toll on your confidence; and that was the state of mind that I was in at the end of 2013. Really disappointed in myself and convinced that I’d set my standards far too high, and told far too many people my impossible goals.


Luckily, 2014 has taught me to DREAM EVEN BIGGER! From the launch of this website/blog on January 3, 2014 to today – I have received some of the greatest tests of my faith (in God, in my family, in my relationships, in myself!) and have therefore received some of my greatest lessons as well!

I didn’t set any goals/revelations for this year. I knew I’d be moving and didn’t have any idea what the job market or people out there would be like, so instead I created My Core Desired Feelings for the New Year. For 2014 I wanted to feel:

Healing, Fierce, Expansive, Affluence

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My theme for the year was Cool Runnings (hahaha) meaning, allowing things to happen naturally – Peace Be the Journey!

Here is my Reverse Bucket List for all of the amazing events I was blessed to experience this year – which were totally in line with my Core Desired Feelings


Reverse-Bucket-List-2014-Dominique-Bennett + Launched website and blog

+ Lived alone for the first time


+ Gave my 2-weeks notice at a dead end job


+ Moved out of my first apartment


+ Bought a one-way ticket to BC


+ Threw a going away party


+ Told my friends exactly how grateful I was for having them


+ Celebrated my sister’s birthday


+ Got on a plane by myself


+ Rode on a frightening small-plane


+ Moved to Dawson Creek BC


+ Held a freelance digital marketing positions


+ Started an Insanity workout


+ Financed our first car


+ Hit over a thousand followers on Pinterest


+ Finally started driving around by myself


+ Connected with my first blog sponsor


+ Made my first YouTube video blog


+ Got my first 100 daily views on a blog post


+ Finally started making DIY Pinterest crafts


+ Learned how to make flaxseed gel


+ Photographed the Luke Bryan concert


+ Saw Backstreet Boys live in concert


+ Drove to Grande Prairie, Alberta


+ Went camping


+ Reached our 4 year anniversary milestone


+ Bought a bike


+ Mastered the art of doing my own eyebrows


+ Watched a motor-cross race


+ Perfected my fro!


+ Got offered a job at a National Bank


+ Turned down a well paying job at a National Bank


+ Survived the world’s sketchiest bar in a town of 100 people


+ Found my drink of choice


+ Moved back to Toronto


+ Got a full time position at a company I once interned for


+ Had a staycation at the Toronto Hyatt hotel


+ Visited my old university campus


+ Picked up freelancing clients in Toronto again


+ Tried sushi for the first time


+ Fell in love with sushi


+ Picked up learning French again


+ Voted in the Toronto Municipal election


+ Hit over 100 subscribers on YouTube


+ Got featured in one of my favourite photographer’s photo series


+ Paid off all of my credit card debt


+ Met Terry Crews


+ Got a job offer in Dubai


+ Got Engaged


+ Dropped a toxic freelance client


+ Signed my employment offer for new job in Dubai


+ Set a date for our wedding



I hope that you all had a year filled with life long lessons, and incredible memories that will last you a lifetime. Above all, wishing you a blessed new year filled with joy, health, wealth, and endless love for yourself!
May you have the confidence to never be comfortable! 😉

Thanks 2014!

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